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The Grill with Glynnis Lieb |

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Glynnis Lieb  spent some time on the Grill with Tee recently.

Who is Glynnis Lieb?

She is a daughter of an immigrant and she comes from a large multi racial, working class family. To be quite frank, the candidates for ward ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi are all progressive and decent folks. Please read on to  why Glynnis might be your candidate for ward ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi.

She has a PhD in Social and Personality Psychology. She has worked in social services and not for profit organizations her whole adult life. She is also a university instructor and a labour and social activist.

When we asked her about her top priorities, this is what she said:

” I chose to run basically because municipal issues often get overlooked in the broader political conversations, yet they are the ones that impact us directly every day of our lives. If you want to have significant, immediate positive impact on Albertans, City Council is the place to be. Also I like the opportunity to run independently, rather than a part of a party. This allows me to be true to my values and priorities and earn votes based on who I am.”

She prioritizes restoring public services, whether it is access to libraries or access to transit. She recognises that as we go through Covid, we have to plan for  a spike in social addictions. People will struggle in the next five years from the fallout of the pandemic. She wants to focus on planning for the recovery and housing and housing option for those who are struggling and those who are unhoused.

On her plans for women and children

We know that communities are strengthened when quality services are provided for children, and women are included equitably in decision-making positions and the workforce. Some of my priorities in this regard:

Quality, accessible public transit.

Well maintained public libraries

Well maintained, plentiful public recreation services.

Rigorous adherence to high standards when licensing childcare facilities.

Quality, reliable jobs.

Access to quality, free social and wellness supports.


If you are still undecided, please check out Glynnis Lieb’s platform. She took some very hard questions about her priorities. Her answers on transit, social justice, inclusion, defunding the police is worth noting.  Please watch it here.


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