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Alberta NDP thrashes UCP's Anti-Racism Strategy.

Alberta NDP trashes UCP’s Anti-Racism Strategy

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MLA Jasvir Deol’s office sent this to us as his reply to the UCP Anti-racism Strategy. David Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton City Centre, put forward BILL 204, which aims to shed light on racism and systemic racism in Alberta. On April 21, the Alberta Government denied BILL 204, the Anti-Racism Act.

“After taking time to review the UCP’s incoherent “road map for combating racism,” I am deeply disappointed that the government that sat on the recommendations of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council for a year and a half has failed to deliver a comprehensive plan to address racism.

“The document presented by the UCP appears to be rushed with programs that have not been thought through critically. The UCP has not carefully or mindfully consulted with community members on the actions that would improve the lives of racialized Albertans.

“After blocking the passage of MLA David Shepherd’s Anti-Racism Act, their commitments on race-based data collection cites commissioning a report over the next three years and their opposition to creating an anti-racism advisory panel to conduct consultations and creating a report for Alberta’s police act review. That is just not good enough.

“Alberta’s NDP has presented a clear plan on how to continue the critical work of anti-racism, including appointing an actual Anti-Racism Commissioner. We introduced real legislation that the UCP blocked.

An Alberta NDP government will establish an Anti-Racism Office to promote equitable access to public services and partnerships with the government and outline a requirement for all public bodies to collect race-based data and facilitate – through data standards and impact assessments – reporting on key outcomes and performance indicators on equity.

“This inadequate response days after the UCP’s appointment of Collin May to chair the Alberta Human Rights Commission despite their publishing of explicitly racist and Islamophobic views, for which they have not apologized.

Minister Tyler Shandro must remove Collin May from the commission immediately.

“The UCP’s continued ignoring of the immense demand and calls from parents, teachers, school boards, and community leaders to halt their fierce implementation of the K-6 curriculum in schools display their reluctance to learn from the recommendations of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council.

“It is our duty as government to access all the tools we have to ensure we are representing all Albertans properly.”

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