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Writ drops | Alberta prepares for Elections

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With proclamations 153/2023 and 154/2023, the thirtieth Legislature of Alberta is dissolved, and a general election will be held on May 29, 2023.

This weekend was very busy for both parties, starting with the United Conservative Party leader Premier Danielle Smith holding multiple events across Edmonton and Calgary.

According to a new video released by the party, the UCP believe they have the momentum:

If re-elected, they will:

  • Put $760 back into the pocket of every tax-paying Albertan or $1500 per family.
  • Extend the 13 percent per litre fuel tax holiday through 2023!
  • work to eliminate the Notley/Trudeau carbon tax
  • Tax cuts for every Albertan
  • 8% tax bracket on income for incomes higher than $60k

On Twitter, the MLA for Edmonton South-West, MLA Kaycee Madu, tweeted

“The writ for Alberta’s general election drops today. We kicked off our campaign. On May 29, fellow citizens will vote to decide the fate and future of their beloved province. This will be the most consequential election in Alberta’s recent history. In my considered view, the ballot question is whether we continue to move Alberta forward. To do so, we must ensure Alberta remains a beacon of hope, economic opportunity, upward mobility, and freedom, the strongest, most functional economy in Canada, and a glorious land that has attracted people from all over Canada and the world to build their families, businesses, professionals and lives.

If that’s what you hope for Alberta, then I am your candidate in Edmonton-South West and the United Conservative Party.”

He spoke about the opposition’s record:

“More than 183 000 fellow Albertans lost their jobs and were out of work. The NDP worked hard to phase out the largest sector of our economy – oil and gas. Hundreds of billions of dollars fled our province, and investors refused to invest in Alberta because of the NDP and their crushing economy and fiscal policies.

The #1 responsibility of any government is to keep their citizens and property safe. The NDP and so many of their candidates supported defunding the police. They vilified the men and women who wear the uniform to keep us safe. Here in Edmonton, they have created the most unsafe place and social disorder in Alberta in our downtown Edmonton.

“Together, we built two schools in Keswick: Joey Moss and Joan Carr. We are now planning to build three more schools: junior high and senior high and an elementary school in Glenridding Heights, and a K-9 in Edgemont.”

“I was able to secure provincial dollars in the amount of $120 million dollars to begin the expansion of Terwillegar Drive all the way to Windermere Boulevard. We have been widening both the East and West parts of Anthony Henday Drive. I secured $634 million dollars in budget 2023 to begin the necessary work for the South Edmonton hospital. And I have made a commitment to secure funding to build a community league centre in the greater Windermere community”.

“I have worked hard to ensure our community is duly represented in your community, having served in multiple capacities as Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, Minister of Labour and Immigration and now as Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions and Deputy Premier of the most exceptional province in all of Canada, Alberta.

My opponent talks about your priorities. In reality, he is talking about his party’s far left, disastrous economic policies, social disorder, defunding the police, lack of opportunity, and the weakening of our province and communities. We can’t afford the NDP.

Please, sign up to volunteer and pick up a lawn at: and


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