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Reimagine Gathering Ltd. selected for the AMCC Facility Business Case Development

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Africa Centre and the City of Edmonton are thrilled to announce the selection of Reimagine Gathering Ltd., a sister company of Reimagine Architects Ltd., as our chosen consultants to complete the Business Case Development and Athlone Park Community Engagement for the African Multicultural Community Centre (AMCC) Facility.


Meet the Reimagine Team for the AMCC Project:


Tiffany Shaw – Principal-in-charge of Project and Engagement

Tiffany, one of Canada’s few Indigenous Architects, carries a deep-rooted passion for collaboration, community, and the arts. Her recent roles include McGill University’s Artist-In-Residence for spring 2023 and an Indigenous artist-in-residence at UBC Okanagan this past June.


Peniel Worku – Engagement Co-Lead

Originally from Ethiopia, Penny possesses a unique perspective that combines her passion for sustainable architecture with her deep connection to the African community in Edmonton. Her aim is to enhance the lives of others through design and innovation.


Vivian Manasc – Advisor

As a founding partner of Reimagine Architects, Vivian’s vast experience in sustainable and collaborative design will bring immense value to our project. Her expertise in Economic Development and community engagement will be instrumental in guiding this initiative.


Claudia Yehia-Alaeddin – Advisor

With her multicultural influences and architectural brilliance, Claudia understands the deep-rooted concerns of the African-descent community in Edmonton. Her commitment ensures that every design is integrative, meaningful, and in line with the community’s needs.


Reimagine boasts a rich portfolio that showcases its depth of experience and dedication to community-focused design and engagement. You can learn more about their accomplishments and vision on their website:


We urge every community member to engage and collaborate with the Reimagine team actively. Your voices and involvement are crucial to the success of the AMCC Facility project. Their approach thrives on integrating diverse voices, and your insights will be the bedrock of a facility that truly reflects our shared values, hopes, and aspirations.



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