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Big Conversations

Laura Tejeda is a columnist with LCCMedia

Work at your beat | Laura Tejeda Meza

Take time off, pick a track that suits the situation you are dealing with and immerse yourself in music. Turn up the volume and pay close attention to the beat, instruments, voices and lyrics that interact with your own thoughts and feelings.

Jacqueline Biollo is a columnist with LCCMedia

Power to the Pinstripes | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Power is a statement all unto itself. A clear and definitive expression of fact or fiction. Lost in an instant, as the New York Yankees’ longest losing streak, power can also be regained. Utilize your confidence, persistence, and power of positive influence like the pinstriped loop pile carpet that is not only an excellent choice for high traffic areas but is durable, to grab hold of the potential that lays deep within your subconscious and come out swinging with poise, purpose, and positivity.

Giselle General hosts Yeg Updates monthly with LCCMedia

Edmonton City News with Giselle General

The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) is a Council Committee composed of up to 7 volunteer citizen members, and they make decisions regarding licensing, conduct, qualifications and contests of activities that include but are not limited to boxing, wrestling, full contact karate, kickboxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts and muaythai.

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