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7 Soft Skills To Have At Your Job

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Soft skills are various behaviors that help people work and socialize well with others. They are non-technical skills that relate to how you work. They include how you interact with colleagues, how you solve problems and how you manage work.   Examples of soft skills  are leadership skills, team work, communication skills, work ethic, interpersonal skills. Hard skills are technical skill sets and the ability to perform certain functional tasks. Hard skills will get you the job, whilst  soft skills are required to help you keep your job. Any one can acquire soft skills as we are not born with soft skills. We need can learn to work as team players, we can learn to communicate, we can learn to listen to our peers, We can learn to be anything we want to be. It is possible.

Here are some examples of soft skills that you probably have:

  1. Team work: this the ability to work well and get along with people in the work place. Being a team player could accelerate your growth in the company. A good team player is an effective worker. One way to be a good team player is to lend  a hand, offering to cover for someone, take responsibility for your actions.
  2. Communication: Both written and verbal communication skills are important. They boost your performance and helps to build your relationships. You can develop your communication skills  by: joining a public speaking workshop, watching videos on public speaking on Youtube and so on.
  3. Be an active listener: this is listening to what people are saying carefully before jumping in. In a world where we don’t listen to one another enough, the ability to listen is a gift. It shows a mindset of kindness and compassion. The ability to see life through the eyes of someone else.
  4. Positive body language: good eye contact, firm handshakes are examples of positive body languages.
  5. Adaptability means the ability to be flexible. This is because things do not always go as planned. The best thing is to be able to find alternate solutions to problems. The ability to think outside the box and being creative is important at a job. No one can teach you this. You need to find this out for yourself.
  6. The ability to solve problems: the best way to approach this is to be able to think through solutions when problems arise. Your boss will appreciate this.
  7. Critical thinking means to be able to think about the negative and positives. If you can hone these skills, you will be successful. The way to grow this skill is to learn more. Reading widely will help your critical thinking processes. Reading widely will give you the confidence and ability to be able to start conversations and hold conversations at the office.

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