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Discussing Fears … and How To Overcome Them

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In this episode, Tayo Elnathan and Kemi Aina talk about their fears. The fear of dogs, snakes, forgetting your underwear whilst going on holiday, fear of growing up, the fear of dying,the fear of loneliness, the fear of photo radars, the fear of food poisoning, the fear of driving in the snow, the fear of forgetting where you parked at an international airport, fear fear of getting Covid19,  the fear of being skipped for a promotion.  The list is endless.

What are your fears? What are you doing to overcome them?

Some fears are ridiculous and some fears have are the by products of unexpressed trauma. We all have fears. This episode legitimizes some of your fears. We are all human.

The episode is an intelligent conversation about modern fears that modern women feel in the 21st century. Tayo and Kemi have a private conversation to a very public audience. They are black and they have fears like every one else.


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