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Overcoming Challenges with Eleanore King

Overcoming Challenges with Eleanore King

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What is your biggest challenge?

The best way to tackle challenges is to have a robust plan in place ideally written down, set yourself targets, have a plan on how you are going to tackle it with deadline dates. Review your progress and then revise your targets and deadline date if needed.

Plan ahead what you’re going to do before you actually do it. Evaluate if this will give you the desired results and make yourself accountable. If you know you are not strong enough to be accountable to yourself or have the ability to do so, then find someone that you can be accountable to about your progress.

One of my challenges right now is to lose weight and get to a certain weight. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I’m not going to give up. I know why I want to lose weight and so I am going to stick to it. So far, I have lost one stone 3 lb which is about 8 kg. I want to lose another 3 kg. I even got a fashion designer to sew dresses for me last year with the lower target weight. Obviously I couldn’t fit into those dresses when I received them. Finally, I was able to put them on at home a few weeks ago but they are still a bit tight. Those dresses are a reminder to me that I must get to my target weight so I can fit into them.

I even recently ordered a dress for a friend’s birthday party using the same smaller size measurements. I must lose the remaining 3 kg in order to be able to wear this dress to the party! I bought the material from the celebrant; her friends will be wearing this same material. So, I have no choice but to fit into it or my money will be wasted. I don’t like wasting money, not even £1. So, that’s my motivation to keep trying and keep the weight off when I get to my target weight as this party is not until May! After that, I plan to keep myself accountable so I don’t put the weight back on again!! That’s one of the reasons why I am telling you all now!

So, don’t give up on achieving your dream or overcoming your challenge. Remind yourself why you want to do this and keep going. You will get there if you never give up. Have a nice day. Take care.


Eleanore King lives in England with her family. She is an accountant. She and LCCMedia’s Tee Adeyemo attended school together.



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